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                    14 x 14 cm                    14 x 14 cm                      14 x 14 cm                     14 x 14 cm

I love the blue(s)

To take up forms, to simplify, to purify, to reduce them to the ‘maximum’ - that’s my aim. In limitation I find strength. To perceive the essential means, to become fascinated by trifles, nothingness of everyday life, it implies to discover poetry in the simplicity (January 12,1994).

Ramuz: Simplicity is an endproduct


                 48 x 46 cm                         20 x 20 cm                         45 x 45 cm                    25 x 24 cm

The hand tinted papers accentuate my longing for bright, luminous colours. Diversity and unevenness in the papers highlight the inherent, the archaic shapes. My vivacious exercises, these 'jeux poétiques‘ refresh me, infusing cheerfulness and energy (Spring 2000).

Catalogue (2001): Lines that go for a walk