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                    45 x 45 cm                     45 x 45 cm                      45 x 45 cm                     45 x 45 cm

In general solitary words leap out at me. I remove them from their initial context and establish them in new surroundings. During the shaping process, the slow motion of the painting hand allows me to reach a condensation of value. This unrestrained dealing with serendipitously acquired material, instigates a new experience, an inventive practice with words. It provides an alternate window to linguistics.

My word-sheets have no aspirations to be read literally. The letters are not presenting verbatim reports, they aim to be viewed simply as a visual perceptive. They invite the observer to join with them, so each individual can unlock their personal perception.

Enlightened words – behind each one are lurking others, many others. A word’s strength lies in its concentration. Calligraphy and colour compliment. The fusion of colour and shape create emotions, associations come to life, a secret universe expanding. 

Catalogue (2001): Lines that go for a walk