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                    18 x 22 cm

25 x 50 cm

                    22 x 28 cm

To condense the essential through simple signs. My longing for such expression is unredeemed. Children find in scribbling natural in ‘their’ realization. Each line, each figuration is transformed permanently and develops into countless tales. It is not easy to revert back to this natural innocence. Plenty of theoretical orders are intruding, seize and hamper the gambling hand. This subconscious ‘learned’ resistance I wish to overcome.

Automatic and left-handed drawing helps me to avoid transmitting true copies, to break out of the ‘academic’ paradigm. Henry Miller: The left hand is the visionary.

Such practice asks to accept as well seeming nothingness, not to measure with common standards. The line is not explaining a greater whole, but rather, it is enclosing a momentary state of mind, nurtured by sediments of life. There is no question about the form, but what it is sheltered in – queries and answers of life. The figure points towards a possible, maybe unorthodox truth, facing another kind of language.

Catalogue (2001): Lines that go for a walk