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Art - a stimulus, an inspiration, an ďopen SesameĒ to
intuitive areas hidden in everyone. Whatís behind the door? The picture doesnít need to be explained, as this would
limit the viewer. The picture gives metaphoric signs. Itís a landscape with steps, layers, reflections, cracks and abysses. Every picture preserves its secret, contains
many truths, for every person an individual one. If a resonance develops, there will be an intuitive exchange of energy without involving the intellect. Sometimes the
strength of a picture develops gradually. Substantial works had to be endured: therefore their perception also needs
 time. The observer who is enlightened to wait will witness
 a deeper experience. The picture will reveal itself; the
viewer becomes a seer who will discover the picture
behind the picture. Art makes sense once it rings a bell,
then it bestows us with insight. Artistic expression - an
entire, a fundamental experience.

My work - event not result - created out of emotion, out of concern. The creative development is situated between deliberate aim and coincidence, a process between delight and frustration, between failure and success, between
agony and miracle. It is the formulation of a statement
based within the actual being itself, a direct form of speech
to expose the experience to the world in form of a code. It is the desire to make a pictorial statement about something fundamental. The artist does not create to be understood
but to understand. Iím not looking for visual likeability.
Besides drawing and painting, I have been fascinated for years by language and words, not only as a means of communication, but also by the type and shape of the
letters, and by the possible associations revealed to me during my work.


must interweave